Sweet Primal Things: Group Exhibition

15 November - 21 December 2019

SWEET PRIMAL THINGS is a cross-disciplinary exhibition comprising twelve contemporary California-based artists’ relationships with their quotidian surroundings, explored through the use of modern tools that become the media of the artworks. Roused by the struggle of incessant adaptation required from all of us in order to exist in contemporary social systems, these twelve works offer visceral responses to an inexorable daily life. 


Like myriad of molecules bumping into each other, humans are trapped in a ruthless push and pull of navigating Self and reconciling the Other while drenched by stimuli and material objects. As molecules collide and formations are destabilized to create new bonds, so too, humans adjust and evolve ceaselessly as an intrinsic reaction to the sweeping rhythms around us. The structure of an image and the space in which the image presents itself are continuously and vociferously mutating, forcing us to find new language for our modes of creation and press deeper into the thick of epileptic unknown. SWEET PRIMAL THINGS explores the eternal humanoid drive to adjust our methods and assert our truths.