Houseplants: Wyatt Mills

22 May - 26 June 2020

Like houseplants, we are tugging our stems towards the vast air, light, and network of life outside our walls. The life of indoor flora is perpetually governed by spatial limits. Once torn from its vast network of familiar roots and domesticated in a pot, a houseplant is irrevocably disconnected from the communal earth and presented as an expiring trophy. As we all confront our current state of isolation, the choice between dull acceptance and any productive action grows apparent. Created with the lawless physics of dreams, Mills’ escapist vines and surreal overgrowth appear to have an upper hand on their respective enclosures; Instead of surrendering to a dormant existence as mere trinkets, these vibrant organisms parade their core essence. Layers of sappy viridian textures unspool the boundaries of inner and outer. Their potential is not threatened or defined by a surrounding barrier, but they encompass, own, and reinvent it in order to retain their vitality.