Natural Behavior: Juliane Hundertmark

20 July - 23 August 2019

A theatrical display of three bodies of work that reveal the dark comedy of consumerism through distorted depictions of an imagined reality. 


Formerly a Director of several European showrooms known as Knights Webb Gallery in London, Galerie Contrast in Barcelona, and Gallerie Hundertmark in Berlin, Juliane’s curatorial direction of her programs and personal studio practice allude to satirical recurrences in popular culture. In this exhibition she combines her series "Pool Paintings", "Road Trip", and "American Diner” to playfully critique cultural trauma, by heavily incorporating familiar settings for Hollywood personalities. Temporarily occupied spaces for a narrative preserves a fantasy, acting as a stage for an inexhaustible desire for seeking pleasure. These contorted dreamscapes coincide with destroying perceptions of Western culture’s influence on manufactured nostalgia and abstracted truisms. Prominently inspired by George Grosz’s character works during the Dada movement, Hundertmark embraces the freedom of impersonating reality with underlying despair and emotion hidden under the skin. 


"The paintings I saw by Juliane Hundertmark were all rather mysterious and even disturbing in places, such as the collaged eyes in one and lips in another, yet also with beautifully painted sections such the detailed clothing of one figure and the mere black outline of another. That enigmatic "otherness" and open-ended quality conbined with different painting styles, some realism and some minimal painterly effects, is very exciting and makes the works fresh and innovative. A unique style unlike any other painters working today." 

-Barbara Bloemink, ph.D, Museum Director & Curato