Mariposa: Terry Hoff

15 September - 31 October 2019

Mariposa Street, Hoff’s childhood street in central California has left an undeniable imprint with the surrounding colors, flavors and nature. This body of work has evolved through technical loose airbrushing and patterns drawing from a blown HEMI (hemispherical) engine. Each unique canvas is constructed of laminated plywood, rubber and coated with epoxy resin. Abstracted forms often include discarded tape, fabric and plaster, resembling large rocks. Drawing from his suburban upbringing, he mirrors the textures of suburban track home ceiling textures. Combining nostalgia and psychedelic aesthetic elevates Hoff’s notion of a visual language that lies somewhere in between past, present, and future. 


A nod to artists Hesse, bontecou, Murray – Hoff embraces their proficiency of “the joy of making” and art as a playful dialogue, Mariposa’s inflated, bulbous, rounded forms are reactive narratives of overstimulation. Through each composition of mutated rhythms, anthropomorphic forms reveal themselves like eyes peering through a mirage. As if he were translating conversation with extraterrestrials, or coding their alphabet, Hoff pursues visual intelligence through his manipulations of symbols that are untethered by time.