• Nevena Binney, "Life", 2020
    Nevena Binney
    "Life", 2020
    height 46 in
    height 116.8 cm
    Acrylic on canvas
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  • Nevena Binney, "Crushed", 2019
    Nevena Binney
    "Crushed", 2019
    62 x 52 in
    157.5 x 132.1 cm
    Oil on canvas
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 (b.1985 Belgrade,Serbia.) Immigrated in the United States in 2017. Received BFA and MFA from Academy of Art, University of Novi Sad, Serbia, department of Painting. Binney currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

 Born and raised in Serbia, Nevena Binney grew up in an isolated country ruled by a dictatorship. Her self portraits are explorations of the dreamy emotional states we find ourselves in while longing for the perfect place. Her color-saturated compositions portray imaginary rooms where anything is possible. Binney's self-portraits exude a combination of outer- strengths and inner insecurities by juxtaposing a virtual space with "reality"; reflecting our emotional state, desires, dreams, and the ever-shifting image of the self.

My family home was always filled with magazines about home decoration and travel. This was my mother's escapism from a hopeless life in a country destroyed by war and eventual bombing by NATO troops. Living a better life only seemed possible by being elsewhere. My self-portraits are explorations of emotional states that we find ourselves in while dreaming about a perfect place, a home. These compositions are filled with depictions of rooms that don't exist in my real life. They portray imaginary places where anything is possible and where life might be safe and better than reality.