Brian Robertson

Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Lives in Los Angeles, CA
Robertson's paintings collapse interiors, still lives, and dream-like deserts into visual puzzles that convey a sense of introspection and longing. The lexicon of objects that Robertson paints, including vessels, bricks, succulents, and screens, are without pre-determined meanings, but their interactions and placement in space create the psychological pull of a feeling felt though not quite named. Robertson references the forced perspectives of Ukiyo-E woodblock prints and the narrative strategies of Giorgio de Chirico, while also implementing his experiences with graphic design and commercial mural painting. Robertson's complex visual systems propel the viewer around, centripetal forces with hollow forms at the center.
Brian Robertson (b. 1978, Albuquerque, NM) received his BFA from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. He has participated in group and solo exhibitions at venues including CES Gallery in Los Angeles; BBQLA in Los Angeles; Boulder Contemporary Museum of Art in Boulder, CO; Pirate Gallery in Denver, CO; and Gildar Gallery in Denver, CO. Recent press includes Contemporary Art Review Los Angeles, Blouin ArtInfo, Artsy, Six-Inch Art & Literary Magazine, D.O.Z.E. Collective, and L.A. Canvas. Brian Robertson lives and works in Los Angeles