b.1956 San Francisco, CA


“Accumulate, organize, edit and deconstruct, then start the process again.

“The sheer enjoyment of searching for and being open to strange beauty is the foundation of what I do as an artist. The subconscious mind with all of its lexicon and image banks, Saturday morning cartoons, Disney classics, Tex Avery to Spongebob, and commercial art from the 1950s and 60s are all some of the things that inhabit my paintings. My process is more like doodling on peechee folders, combined with the collage of handmade decals, made of paint or paper, and sometimes covered in epoxy resins. These piles, this layering relates to my elaborate dense installation work of years prior. In this playpen of paint and what it can do, I discover things that are oddly new yet familiar, reinforcing the peculiar and interesting experience of being human.”

~terry hoff, 2016



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