Wyatt Mills

Born in New York

Lives in Los Angeles, CA

BFA School of Visual Arts 2013


Wyatt Mills is an LA-based artist whose lusciously hued paintings splice form and still life with abstraction, instinct and energy. Depicting disjointed forms with patient and sumptuous care, Mills conjures scenes of delirious bacchanals punctuated by lucid moments of formal stillness. Body parts entwine with immaterial shapes, slithering from the security of knowledge to a celebration of intuition.  Like fever-dreams that seep into waking life, Mills’ paintings are vibrant oscillations between the outwardly observed and the deeply visceral. 



2018 – Pareidolia, James Wright Gallery, Downtown Los Angeles, CA
2016 – Normal – Project Gallery – Downtown Los Angeles, CA
2014 – Phantasmagoria – Bergamot Station, Culver City, CA


2019 – Sweet Primal Things, James Wright Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2019 – Bienniale Auction, Long Beach Museum of Art, CA
2018 – Scope Art Fair, Mugello Gallery, Miami, FL
2018 – Ambiguities, Mirus Gallery, Denver, CO
2018 – Scope Art Fair, Mugello Gallery, New York, NY
2018 – LA Art Show @LA Convention Center, Mugello Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2017 – Context Art Fair, Mugello Gallery, Miami, FL
2017 – Ten, Chainlink Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2017 – Anamorphic Portraiture, Mirus Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2017 – 50 Contemporary Artists, Enter Art Foundation, Berlin, Germany
2016 – Dallas Art Fair, Coagula, Texas
2016 – Annual Group Show, Superchief Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2016 – Group Show, Kommunale Galerie, Berlin, Germany
2016 – About Face, Rebecca Molayem Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2016 – Bombay Beach Bienniale, Salton Sea, CA
2015 – Artesatanicos – Superchief Gallery LA – Los Angeles, CA
2014 – 21, Prohibition Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2013 – Miami Project, Visual Arts Gallery, MIA, FL
2013 – Execute With Extreme Prejudice, A Rare Form of Popup, Brooklyn, NY
2013 – Sampler, Visual Arts Gallery, Manhattan, NY


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2016 – Residency at Berlin Art Institute, Germany
2013 – Chair’s Choice Award, SVA